winterberry spice martini 13
orange-cranberry infused vodka, pomegranate juice, cinnamon simple, straight up, topped with a splash of sparkling wine

while my za’atar gently weeps 13
21 seeds valencia orange tequila, turkish tobacco bitters, za’atar honey, pomegranate seeds, on the rocks (contains sesame)

living the chai life 13
chai-infused luksusowa vodka, apricot nectar, vanilla simple, touch of cream, straight up with a cinnamon sugar rim

winter sunshine 12
gosling’s dark rum, cathedral ledge organic maple liqueur, coconut simple, banana nectar, pineapple juice, on the rocks

spiced pear martini 13
grey whale gin, cardamom clove simple, pear nectar, meyer lemon juice, straight up

apple cinnamon old fashioned 13
old grand-dad bourbon, apple cinnamon syrup, bitters, splash of soda water, on the rocks

grapefruit tequila sour 14
milagro reposado, cinnamon simple, ruby red grapefruit and key lime juices, straight up

london fog toddy 12
citrus-infused vodka, lavender, vanilla, hot earl grey tea

passionfruit hot cocoa 13
passoã passionfruit liqueur, hot chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows


harvest moon 14
rosaluna mezcal, campari, lemon juice, ginger, agave nectar, straight up

bazaar old fashioned 13
redemption rye, cardamom clove simple, turkish tobacco bitters, on the rocks

cranberry orange mule 12
cranberry orange infused vodka, lime juice, spicy ginger beer, served in a copper mug

dirty chai martini 14
chai-infused luksusowa vodka, borghetti espresso liqueur, fresh espresso, vanilla simple, splash of cream, straight up

NH sour 13
old grand-dad bourbon, cathedral ledge organic maple liqueur, lemon juice, rosemary simple, on the rocks topped with a float of red wine

purple haze 14
empress 1908 gin, elderflower liqueur, meyer lemon juice, tangerine – orange juice, on the rocks

killer bees knees 14
house-infused ghost pepper tito’s vodka, honey, lemon juice, straight up

apricot cinnamon mimosa 11
apricot nectar, cinnamon simple, sparkling wine, cinnamon sugar rim


espresso martini 13
vanilla vodka, tia maria cold brew liqueur, dark creme de cacao, fresh espresso, straight up

blood orange cosmo 12
clementine vodka, triple sec, blood orange juice, splash sour, straight up

firefly dirty-tini 12
luksusowa potato vodka, olive juice, celery salt rim, gorgonzola stuffed olives, straight up

raspberry mule 13
house-infused raspberry tito’s handmade vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, on the rocks

blueberry lavender lemonade 13
cold river blueberry vodka, lavender syrup, sweet and tangy lemonade, on the rocks

hot & dirty 12
luksusowa vodka, olive and jalapeño juice, gorgonzola stuffed olives, straight up

firefly old fashioned 12
birddog peach whiskey, sugar, bitters, splash soda, on the rocks

lavender gin gimlet 14
the botanist gin, lavender syrup, agave nectar, lime juice, straight up


coconut 13
coconut rum, fresh mint, lime, sugar, splash soda water, on the rocks

sweet heat 13
brugal añejo rum, fresh mint and limes, habanero-infused maple syrup, topped with ginger ale, on the rocks

far eastern 13
white rum, za’atar honey, fresh lemons, mint, and pomegranate seeds, topped with soda water, on the rocks (contains sesame)

pomegranate 13
silver rum, pomegranate juice, fresh mint, lime, sugar, topped with soda water, on the rocks

cranberry cinnamon 13
cranberry orange infused vodka, cinnamon simple, fresh mint and limes, topped with sparkling wine, on the rocks


margarita de citron 13
milagro silver, cointreau, lemonade, key lime juice, splash sprite, on the rocks

spicy blood orange maple 14
zarpado blanco tequila, thai-chili infused triple sec, blood orange juice, spicy maple syrup, on the rocks with a tajin rim

sparkling strawberry 14
tres agaves añejo, triple sec, lime, strawberry simple syrup, topped with sparkling wine, straight up with a salted rim

orange ginger 13
21 seeds valencia orange tequila, triple sec, cardamom clove simple, ginger, lime, and tangerine juices, on the rocks

pomegranate paloma 13
silver tequila, triple sec, pomegranate juice, pink grapefruit and key lime juices, splash sprite, on the rocks


pink panther 7
hibiscus chamomile mint infusion, honey, meyer lemon juice, straight up

nothing com-pears 2 U  7
pear nectar, strawberry simple, lemonade, splash ginger ale, on the rocks 

zero proof paloma 7
grapefruit juice, key lime juice, agave nectar, club soda, rocks

beach bod 7
coconut simple, pineapple juice, lime juice, aromatic bitters*, club soda, on the rocks

not toddy 7
cinnamon simple, blood orange juice, orange bitters*, hot water, cinnamon stick

*contains trace amounts of alcohol

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